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5 Bars 

2 oz

Fun-Tak Mounting Putty is a reusable, repositionable adhesive that is a convenient alternative to use whenever your creative project requires tape, tacks, staples, or magnets. An excellent solution for temporary mounting, Fun-Tak Mounting Putty is great for hanging lightweight crafts such as screen-printed artwork or homemade collages without creating holes in walls or chipping paint. It is also unaffected by moisture and will not dry out for long-lasting use. Loctite Fun-Tak is versatile and sticks to most of your favorite crafting supplies, including paper, wood, tile, linoleum, cinderblock, brick, metal, plastic, mirrors, and glass. Designed for interior use only, Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty is nontoxic and safe for children.

Fun Tak

SKU: DP1201